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Acoustics for Engineers

2 hours course in winter semester

Sophisticated Topics

bulletAcoustic Holography
bulletPrincipal Component Analysis (PCA)
bulletIndependent Component Analysis (ICA)
bulletSpatial Transformation of Sound Field (STSF)
bulletOperational Modal Analysis (OMA)

A review over basics of numerical acoustics.

Numeric acoustics is of increasing importance and are already available on the market. During this chapter, basic knowledge and understanding will be suggested. Mathematical set on, physical and physiological backgrounds and connections will be explained. Goal is to get the ability to judge possible application. However, numerical mathematics will not be covered. A topic for future practitioners.

Near Field Acoustic Holography (NAH): The calculation of the sound field of a monochrome (coherent) sound source in the far field as well as the near field of the radiating structure from the measuring data of a microphone array. Holography is the basis for common procedures like STSF.

Principal Component Analysis (PCA): Decomposition of a complex sound field into independent basic components. The measurement analogue to Bernoulli set on (separation set on) for the solution of partial differential equation (wave equation).

Independent Component Analysis (ICA): Decomposition of a mixture of independent sound fields according to the cocktail party effect of human hearing (the ability to extract a distinct voice from a hubbub).

Spatial Sound Field Transformation (STSF): Decomposition of a complex sound field into components with PCA, furthermore propagation calculation component wise with NAH.

Operational Modal Analysis (OMA): Modal analysis from operational excitation, without scaled structure excitation.